1. Mr.Chaiyoot   Chamnanlertkit

Committee, Formation of ASEAN Network of Expert on Entrepreneurship

Chair Working Committee, Social Enterprise for PWDs,  Ministry of Social Development   

and Human Security

Committee, The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, Thai Chamber  of Commerce

Former Executive Vice President, The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Former Executive Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Institute(CSRI)

2. Dr.Pipat   Yodprudtikan

Advisor, Corporate Social Responsibility Institute(CSRI) The Stock Exchange of Thailand

National Mirror Committee, ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility), Ministry of Industry

Working Group, Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion, Ministry of  Social Development

and Human Security

Working Group, Corporate Social Responsibility, Securities and Exchange Commission

3. Mr.Apirux   Wannasathop

Founder All PA Co.Ltd. 

Independence Board and Chair Audit Committee, Chuo Senko (Thailand)  Public Co., Ltd. 

Committee, Set up MoUof State Enterprise Performance Evaluation (Ministry of Finance)

Advisory to Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of commerce, Ministry of Industrial, Ministry of

SocialDevelopment and Human Security

Committee of National Innovation Agency (Ministry of Science)