Social Value Thailand

Social Value International / Social Value Thailand

Social Value International is the world’s leading organizational network with more than 700 member agencies working on defining new standards, embedding
core principles for social value measurement and analysis, building a movement of SROI practitioner. Social Value International has successfully worked across regions to build and develop its database which is recognized by public, private and social sectors.

NISE, in partnership with Social Value International, has established the ‘Social Value Thailand’ with aims to set a new standard for social value measurement
in Thailand. The first ‘SROI Accreditation Training’ in Thailand’s and ASEAN, includes the reinforcement of practitioner network in different fields, would transform financial perception of ‘valued for money’ to enhance organizational sustainability aspect.

More Detail.

SROI acts as a principle and an analytic tool used to determine social returns. It has been developed from the ‘Theory of Change Framework’ aiming to
be used to measure effectiveness of organizations on social value aspect which had not been made light of in the past. Therefore, SROI will be a valuable tool for forward-thinking organizations with goals to achieve both profits as well as social development sustainability.

1. SROI Accreditation Practitioner Training / Workshop

SROI Approach at both the Principle and Practice level used to define and manage social value, to measure effectiveness of organizations on social
aspect which haven’t been address by the traditional financial tools. Therefore, SROI will be a valuable tool for leading organizations that has their vision to achieve both profits and benefit towards sustainable development, by this approach, organization competitiveness will be sustainable increased.

The Intensive 2 days workshop & The Introduction 1 day course focusing on maximizing social impact theory forward to the adventage of organization
development by Sustainability Managerial tools.

- SROI Accreditation Training

English Version

The original English version of Social Value International curricular significantly focuses on a development of basic understanding and approach to embed SROI framework in policy and practice of organizations. Including knowledge integration and case studies of around the globe. In addition, sharing the practice for pursuing the internationally-recognized accreditation process.

Thai Version

The Thai version of Social Value Thailand curricular focuses more on practical implementation, including organizational context as well as expanding knowledge and experience of SROI worldwide. Including learning from case studies, introduction of new tools, accesses to new source of information and expertise networks to ensure consistent partnership.

- SROI Embedding Communication

The introduction 1 day course of Social Value Thailand focuses to embedded communication for third party, Stakeholder understanding

2. Assurance

- Assuring Report : This is the process to establish credibility Social Return On Investment report (SROI Report) and assure the report is consistent with
Social Value Principles and process

- SROI Accrediting Practitioner : The qualification of Practitioner must be : Pass the Accreditation Training / Workshop , Pass the Assurance Report and
be a member of Social Value International / Social Value Thailand.

SROI Accreditation Program.